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    Demo materials of Adaptive Control Methods Department of ISP RAS

    Here you can find some of our demo programs, presentations and video-files which are available for downloading. All articles are available from “Publications” section.



    “Pilot” is prototype of satellite on-board system that control angle motion of the satellite. Pilot system is developed for specific spaceship “SPEKTR-RG”, but it can be used for control of any other spaceship. In opinion of experts of LaSpace laboratory, Pilot system increase quality of angle motion control of spaceship in 5-6 times compared with control methods used in other realizations.



    AdCAS (Adaptive Car Active Suspension) – program model of the control system for active automobile suspension, which is build in accordance with AAC method. This program demonstrates learning process of the control system and process of system adaptation to changing properties of environment: road surface relief, car weight, pressure in tires, etc.



    Demonstration of basic self-learning neuron model working process, which is developed specially for AAC systems. download demo
    (117 Kb)

    Model of mobile robot "Gnome #8"


    Software model of mobile robot. Main goal function of this adaptive control system is elaboration of behavior stereotypes of obstacles avoiding. Robot "Gnome # 8" learns like a child, which is trying to ride a tricycle in his room for the first time. Robot gradually understands by itself, that bumping obstacles is bad and learns to avoid them.



    AEC (Adaptive Engine Control) demonstrates adaptive control system of internal-combustion engine and graphically compares its performance with traditional control system. During control process the system adapts to changing properties of environment by modifying engine timing map and optimizes ration CO/CH.

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    Demo films with real robots

    Adaptive mobile robot "Gnome №9"

    The video demonstrates the ability of adaptive control system of mobile robot to gradually produce behavioral stereotypes in labyrinth - the robot learns by itself to avoid obstacles without unpleasant impacts for it. In addition the robot detects that green papers are “tasty” in contradiction to white papers, and guesses to collect green papers purposely.

    The model of satellite with adaptive control system Pilot.

    Demonstration the behavior of adaptive control system of satellite angular motion. System Pilot gradually learns by itself to keep satellite in predetermined angular position (to direct laser ray at the center of the target). Preliminary low of control is not specified.

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    "Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC)" method


    Generic presentation that demonstrates main concepts of Autonomous Adaptive Control method, elaborated in our department. It describes applications based on this method, and possible ways of methods’ future applications.

    "AdCAS" - adaptive control system of active automobile suspension


    Presentation about AdCAS – Adaptive Control of Automobile Suspension. Suspension control system automatically adapts to current properties of the road, car and its suspension and by means of active element, which affects suspension elasticity, increases smoothness of cars’ motion, its stability and controllability.

    "4 GN "- CASE system for designing and developing of applied AAC systems


    Presentation of CASE system «Designer 4GN» developed by our department for designing and debugging of intelligent control systems based on AAC method.

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    TV-shows about our projects

    TV-show Gordon’s program "Search behavior of animals" 13th of January 2003


    TV-show, channel "Culture" Program “Black Square "Artificial intelligence" 27th of January 2004


    TV-show "Big boom"


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    2.2.2010: XII All-Russian scientific and technical conference "Neuroinformatics - 2010"
    25-29 january A.A. Zhdanov and A.E. Lebedev on XII All-Russian scientific and technical conference "Neuroinformatics - 2010" gave two lectures

    15.7.2009: Bachelor degree paper defense of M.E. Halizev.
    The 29th of June 2009 Bachelor degree paper «Development of control system of motion for compact mobile robot chassis» of MIPT student – Halizev M.E. was defenced.

    5.7.2009: MEDIAS 2009 Conference
    From 11th till 14th of May 2009, members of IPMCE A.A. Zhdanov, N.A. Sudarkin (Ph.D. candidate) and E.V. Krivtsov (Ph.D. candidate) delivered theirs reports on MEDIAS 2009 Conference.

    20.3.2009: Demo films on Youtube
    10.01.2009 the films demonstrating robot models (mobile robot and satellite) were placed on YouTube. One can see how the robots adapt to given conditions by itself.

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