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    24.7.2005: Defense of Artem Chernodub

    Artem Chernodub has defended his software-physical model of airplane autopilot based on AAC method as his Bachelor qualification work.
    Artem Chernodub has defended his B.Sc. thesis “Software-hardware Implementation of the Airplane’s Autopilot on the basis of Autonomous Adaptive Control Method”. Main goal of this work was to develop software-hardware model of “Environment-Airplane-AAC control system (autopilot)” system that shows the ability to learn, re-learn and provide adaptive control in real-time. The work was done at Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC) Lab, Institute for System Programming RAS in 2004-2005.

    This work was performed as a part of the student’s project (Andrey Vorontsov, Dmitry Eliseev, Ilya Mokrov, Artem Chernodub) where Artem’s role was a team leader. It participated in the student’s IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC 2005).

    2.2.2010: XII All-Russian scientific and technical conference "Neuroinformatics - 2010"
    25-29 january A.A. Zhdanov and A.E. Lebedev on XII All-Russian scientific and technical conference "Neuroinformatics - 2010" gave two lectures

    15.7.2009: Bachelor degree paper defense of M.E. Halizev.
    The 29th of June 2009 Bachelor degree paper «Development of control system of motion for compact mobile robot chassis» of MIPT student – Halizev M.E. was defenced.

    5.7.2009: MEDIAS 2009 Conference
    From 11th till 14th of May 2009, members of IPMCE A.A. Zhdanov, N.A. Sudarkin (Ph.D. candidate) and E.V. Krivtsov (Ph.D. candidate) delivered theirs reports on MEDIAS 2009 Conference.

    20.3.2009: Demo films on Youtube
    10.01.2009 the films demonstrating robot models (mobile robot and satellite) were placed on YouTube. One can see how the robots adapt to given conditions by itself.

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